Everybody Should Be Left To Do What He Wants To Do, Rekardo Banks Speaks In Reference To Falz

Rekardo banks speaks on falz’s advice, says everybody should be left to do what he want to do.

Recently there was an advice given to all musicians by Falz, to stop promoting fraud and stop praising frausters that went viral and many people got taking about it.

The singer, Rekardo banks said everybody should do his own thing as he want rather than poking your nose on another person’s work.

He also made it clear that if someone does illegal act Government must surely com for him, so let’s stop criticising.

He said…

I think everybody should be left alone to do whatever you what to do. If you are doing something illegal, the government would definitely come for you. But yeah, majorly mind your business. Do what you do, don’t poke your nose into nobody’s business.” Watch the video below.

See video below….

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